Moving from blue to green

Here, I read my essay, Groves of Green, published in the Australian literary journal, Koru.

I tell how an ancient tree, the metasequoia, and a scientist nudged me away from the rim of grief and back to reality.

The mighty metasequoia, a fossil tree dating to prehistoric times, can be found in various spots in North America, including Princeton and New Brunswick in New Jersey and on several estates on the North Shore of Long Island.

The foliage of Metasequoia glyptostroboides, also known as the dawn redwood tree, is soft and inchworm-green.

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2 Responses to Moving from blue to green

  1. Julia says:

    Great! Love this piece but I still have a problem with McDonald’s in it! You sound good. Fun!

    • f-admin says:

      Thanks, Julia! I am so glad you remembered — you know, I can’t seem to let go of that McDonald’s image! What’s up with that?!

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