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First we had the idea. Then, like Neo in “The Matrix,” we took a leap of faith. We called our friends. We charmed and cajoled them. We bribed them with offers of coffee and wine. In the end, 26 people … Continue reading

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New fiction

El Balo My short story, “El Balo,” will appear in print in the May/June 2017 edition of Down in the Dirt magazine (v143, released 6/1/17) and can be accessed online here: (Find my name, “Kitta MacPherson,” among the writers’ … Continue reading

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For Shame

SUMMER REVEAL: OBESITY AND BODY IMAGE I sliced through the water of my suburban New Jersey condo complex’s crystalline lap pool this weekend. I sucked the sticky air. I expelled my breath under the surface and gurgled chubby, wobbly bubbles. … Continue reading

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Getting into the Flow The sages, that is, writing colleagues such as Robin Gaby Fisher, Brad Parks, and Tracey Michae’l Lewis-Giggetts, say you must write 1,000 words a day to free the mind and stir up words, images, and associations. … Continue reading

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For much of the 20th Century, my father’s father grew roses in a tiny lot behind his white bungalow in Springfield Gardens in Queens, New York. Bounded by a busy, grimy world and contained within a chain-link fence, fluffy, golden … Continue reading

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Trip on a yellow submarine

(VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SHORE) The Star­Ledger Archive COPYRIGHT © The Star­Ledger 2000 Date: 2000/07/16 Sunday Page: 001 Section: NEWS Edition: FINAL Size: 941 words Squeeze on in, the view is worth it VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF … Continue reading

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Kanye and Grief

I recently wrote a piece for on how the entertainer Kanye West and his at times over-the-top behavior may reflect his dealings with grief. Reaction to the piece has been strong with responses in both the positive and negative … Continue reading

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Holiday song redeemed

Holiday songs, silly or not, are connected to our past,  powerful reminders of pleasure or pain. That’s why I wrote an essay, “Learning to Love Dominick the Donkey” in the Star-Ledger of Newark during the holidays. As I hoped, we … Continue reading

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Welcome to “Fathom”

“Diver Dan” Since I was a toddler, dipping my toes in salty Oyster Bay Harbor, the sea has stirred my imagination. Books I found around my parents’ house, with haunting stories and images such as Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little … Continue reading

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